Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Magic Cure

It seems these days, many people in our culture are constantly looking for the quick fix, the magic cure. You know, the wonder pill, the miracle drug, the super fast weight loss pill or diet plan, the antidepressants to cheer you up when you're feeling down, the pain pills to numb your pain. Television ads bombard us with endless advertisements of products that will cure whatever ails us, or products that will make us feel young again. As a society, we are taught to look outside of ourselves starting at a very early age. We are taught to seek this magic cure, this outward remedy somewhere out there. I believe this is a major problem and defect though.

We are always looking for the magic cure outside of ourselves, and a way to feel better outside of ourselves, while the real magic has always been and will always be within us. It's kind of like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. She had the magic power all along, in her magic ruby slippers to get back to Kansas. Though, it was only through the experiences she went through on her journey, that she was able realize her real power within and only then was she was able to really believe in and utilize the power in her magic shoes. She had to go through all the experiences she went through to discover the power she was seeking, was in herself all along.

For centuries, people have searched for the fountain of youth, the holy grail, for the miracle cure all. It is as if people believe there is something out there that can transform them, make them feel young again, and make them happier. I have never really bought into all this type of thinking. I am one who doesn't believe that there is a quick fix, a miracle drug. I believe everything worth while is part of a natural, gradual process. And nature supports this theory too. If you observe the process of nature, there are no quick fixes. Everything grows, blossoms, unfolds, or ripens in its own time. A tree doesn't grow overnight. You cant hurry up the ripening of any fruit or vegetable. There is a old Chinese proverb, "Good medicine is bitter to the taste." This to me, means that anything worthwhile, or that is healthy might not be tasty or easy, though it is still worth it. Nothing comes easy in this lifetime. Everything worthwhile requires some sort of effort on our part.

And though, there is no magic cure for all of the ails in life, I believe I have found a supreme treasure of immense worth. On my journey for more peace, passion and positivity, I have found what I believe is the magic cure most people are subconsciously seeking-inner peace, and spiritual awakening. Through my intense yoga, meditation, spiritual study and prayer over the years, I have found, tapped into a great source of peace, energy, passion and what I believe is the only source of true happiness in this world. Rumi, a great persian sage once said, "The friend will become bread and spring water for you, a lamp and a helper, your favorite dessert and a glass of wine. Union with that one is grace!" I can definitely relate to this. I believe the only miracle cure if there is one, the only magic remedy so to speak, out of the cold and harshness of reality, is union with God, spiritual awakening or a closer walk with our creator...

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