Friday, April 24, 2009

Walking Your Path

Robert Frost wrote a poem titled The Road Less Traveled in which he stated,"Somewhere ages and ages hence, two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." What is your path? the one that will make all the difference for you. I was in Pre-Med for almost 3 years with a 3.9 GPA. I dropped out and started my own business, even though my family thought I was out of my mind. I did this because I knew in my soul, I was walking down the wrong path for me! And I needed to find and walk my own path and be true to myself.

Walking through life is a marvelous journey, but filled with a myriad of possibilities and choices. Sometimes you just know when a path you're on doesn't feel right for some reason, so you decide to take an alternate road that feels right for you! We all need to feel like we are on target, living authentically, walking the right path for us.

On life’s journey, you will encounter much-narrow paths blocked by boulders, forks in the road shrouded in fog, deep valleys of darkness and despair, and bright sunny days in meadows of golden poppies. It is all a part of life's journey. And through it all, the only constant is that you are you, that you have an inner voice within you and a path to walk. If you allow your inner voice to tell you which fork in the road to take, if you allow that internal compass to tell you which mountain to climb, then you will do well indeed and have a fulfilling, interesting, and enjoyable life. If you go chasing after security, or living someone else's dream, then you will find yourself suddenly awakening in a deep forest without knowing where to turn. You will find yourself lost and confused, because you have lost touch with your own personal truth. And when this happens, you must just sit down in the forest, become very still, return to yourself and find yourself again before you continue walking, or else you will simply go around in circles, becoming more desperate and alone and lost.

In her book, A Still Small Voice, Echo Bodine had this to say, "Because the road that leads to God is not an easy one, many people choose the wide road instead. It may seem easier to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing-following what appears to be the safe road in life-but the truth is, that road doesn't encourage individuality. Instead, it promotes a deadening conformity, and it keeps you farther away from God."

Have the courage and the heart, the centeredness and audacity to follow your own path. Be who you are and love being you no matter what. Your path is your path only and no one knows better than you which path to walk. Shine your light and show the world who you are, so that people who are looking for someone exactly like you can find you. Do not allow setbacks or even major betrayals to dampen your shine and your being. You are a shining star when you are walking your path!

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