Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sowing Seeds of Positivity

I was very fortunate to grow up around a quite large fruit and vegetable farm. There is much to be learned from the farm life. One invaluable lesson I was taught early on is that whatever you sow, you reap. And yet planting, sowing seeds isn't as simple as just throwing seeds on the ground, or digging a hole and putting them in. You can't just sow the seeds on hard, rocky soil. You have to work and prepare the soil, by breaking up and loosening the dirt, removing the rocks and etc. Only then, when the soil is fully ready, can you plant the seeds. And the work doesn't end there. You still have to water and cultivate the weeds continuously, fertilize, etc. Then, after much patience, diligence, sweat and labor, can you reap the harvest.

Sowing seeds of positivity in our lives, follows the exact same process. Just merely planting our hopes, dreams and goals isn't going to ensure we reap the rewards of our desired goals/outcomes. Just as in sowing actual seeds, we have to follow all of the steps mentioned above. First and foremost in this process, we have to prepare the soil metaphorically speaking; meaning we have to get ourselves right at the core. We do this by developing good thinking habits, a positive attitude, a good work ethic. Also involved in this process is preparing the soul. We do this by nurturing, feeding our souls, cultivating inner peace, and spiritual wisdom. Then we must plant seeds of positivity and water them continuously with hope, belief, faith and action. And last but not least, is the weeding or cultivating part, keeping out the weeds (overcoming our own or others criticisms and negative thoughts).

It is just as easy to sow seeds of negativity as it is to sow seeds of positivity. The tricky part is and the part you gotta be mindful of is, whichever ones you sow the most, you reap. So if your focus is always on negative events, or why your life is not working, instead of on obtaining or creating the positive desired change, you will attract more of what you don't want in your life. In order to sow more positive seeds, it requires a conscious decision to monitor and take responsibility for the thoughts you allow in your consciousness, the thoughts you focus on. I promise you if you start sowing more positive seeds, you will most certainly start harvesting more positive things in your life. Our minds and souls are like gardens and all they do is grow whatever we put in. It's the law of the harvest, you reap what you sow!

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