Monday, February 17, 2014

Finding Your Zen

In today's world of hectic schedules, economic uncertainties, stressful pressures and demands, it's easy to lose your balance, insight and peace of mind. That is why it is absolutely essential to know how to bring yourself back to zen, or serenity. This involves bringing yourself back to the moment, remembering to breathe and knowing how to find your happy place.  It also involves being able to maintain an integrated sense of well-being in mind, body and soul.

Zenful living is a way of being.  And it brings with it clarity, inner poise and oneness with the Tao, or flow of life. It can be attained through meditation and contemplation. But it can also be found in simple activities such as walking in the rain, dancing playfully, listening to the waves of the ocean as they roll in and out, drinking coffee in a coffee shop, working in your garden, or taking the time to really savor and enjoy a delicious meal in a nice restaurant, just to name a few examples. 

Oftentimes when we think of harmony, bliss and enlightenment, we think of attaining these things only through prayer, meditation, yoga and rigorous self disciplinary methods.  And though all these methods are beneficial, let's be somewhat practical. It isn't always easy to find time every single day for these types of practices, as committed and dedicated as any of us might be. Life is busy and unpredictable for all of us at times. And being able to find your balance and harmony in the simple things can be powerful medicine as well. Sometimes it's being fully present in the small moments that bring us great peace too. Allowing yourself to be in the moment, whatever the moment may be, brings dazzling, profound gifts and healing.

Bottom line is, just as fish need water, man needs to touch the nature of his inner being and soak up its mysterious healing properties often.  Making time to just be and find your zen is not to be taken lightly. Finding Your Zen is finding your power and grounding place. It is practicing being fully alive, fully present and brings with it rich rewards. So next time life gets a little crazy or out of whack, pull yourself into presence and experience the power of the moment. Zen is always there just waiting for you to connect with it.

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