Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make Your Passions Come Alive and Dance

If you have been waiting for that special day to take your dreams out of the closet, why not let today be that day? Go ahead and put your passions to work for you.  Hell why not try making a living or designing a life doing what you are most passionate about?  This is how you can Make Your Passions Come Alive and Dance. Trust me it is very possible to make money doing what you love to do the most. In fact, using your passion to design and define a career makes absolute, perfect sense. Why would you want to do anything different? God gave you your passions and interests to share with the world.  Of course he wants you to use them!  

Passions are sometimes sort of like cookies.  If you let them sit on the shelf of the pantry too long, they get stale. Dreams and passions are meant to be exuberant. They give flavor and excitement to life. So think of ways to incorporate your passions into some type of career path if you want to be supercharged and overflowing with passion. A fabulous life is not about going to a job you hate everyday. Find what is illuminating your soul and share it with the world. Every decision you make, every path you take ought to be an expression of what is in your heart and soul. Here's something profound to ponder: It is often through our expression and creativity that we connect to a higher being, a higher power. So if you neglect your passions, you are actually neglecting the highest part of yourself-your soul.  Scary thought right?

Think of one thing you could do today to incorporate one or more of your passions into your life somewhere. It could be simple. It doesn't have to be something consuming or complicated.  I personally host a songwriters night once a month just so I can keep my passion for songwriting alive and flowing.  Whatever it is, just find ways to share of your intrinsic treasures with those around you. And remember, a dream that sits on a shelf is basically lifeless. If your dreams have been sitting, collecting dust too long, pick them up, dust them off and do CPR on them if need be, to try and revive them. There is still hope for shelved dreams. It's never to late to take our dreams out and awaken them to new life. Follow your dreams and unique paths to carve out a new destiny for yourself and make your life shine forth.  Only you can Make Your Passions Come Alive and Dance...

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