Friday, February 14, 2014

Staying Open to Possibilities

If you want to invite opportunity into your life, you must stay open to possibilities. Being spontaneous, optimistic and adventurous is where life's magic comes into play. Many opportunities are missed when we try to rigidly control everything, or steer life's current the direction WE think it should go. Oftentimes we can easily miss the magic of the moment when we don't allow things to unfold as they naturally want to. Sometimes the universe knows best and we have to trust where it's leading us. When you are open to possibilities, opportunities come knocking. And if you're too busy controlling everything, you won't be available to answer the door. When you are open to possibilities, you become a magnet for opportunities and life brings you many golden experiences.

Life loves to surprise us with unexpected little gifts, just as a parent enjoys doing the same for their children. A lot of times these surprises are overlooked though, cause we're too busy trying to make moments turn out as we want them to, rather than letting them unfold as they need to. Here's a perfect example:  You are all ready to go to a party, when an old friend comes over out of the blue. And perhaps this is a friend whom you haven't seen for years. Instead of enjoying his or her presence and taking in the gift life is trying to bring you, you leave to go to a party.  And you end up missing out on what could have been a nice opportunity to catch up, or what might have been a life changing encounter. Another example might be that you have plans to go somewhere as a family, but you have a strong intuition or impulse to just stay home with your kids instead.  But you go ahead with your plans anyways and end up getting in a car accident and having a very stressful day.
A big part of Staying Open to Possibilities is learning to pay attention to intuitive impulses and hunches that stem from within. Living this way may seem a little strange at first, but there is excitement that comes along with living in this manner. And spirit always knows what experiences are in your best interest. This is why it's a good idea to include spirit into your daily decision, making processes always.   

When you are spontaneous and ever ready to explore, life takes on a new, effervescent dimension. So relax, dream, discover and be prepared to have some tasty moments of exhilaration as you unwind and let go, giving in and/or surrendering to the magic of the moment.   You never know, you might just be amazed and astonished to see what the universe has in store for you, if you'll just stay open...

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