Friday, February 21, 2014

The Power of the Spoken Word

A word spoken forth has immense energy to create and/or destroy. We often take for granted the power our words have to affect the world around us. Once released, our words are launched like an assault of arrows onto a battle field. Words can wound and words can heal. They can be greatly constructive or potently destructive. There is an ancient Chinese proverb which states, "Spilt water cannot be retrieved." And words are no different. You cannot take them back, ever. That is why we must always be careful of the words we speak forth into existence. 

Whether you may realize it or not, you carve out your destiny with your words. By using constructive words you can shift the tide of your life from negative to positive, sometimes even instantaneously. Your words can also be of great significance and benefit to others. Words of encouragement, hope and positivity can provide others with a rich sense of peace and uplifting feelings. Think for a moment how the power of the words, or lyrics in some of your favorite songs, poems or books have shaped your world. Words have caused wars, massive positive shifts in human consciousness, walls to come down between countries and even inhumane treatment of others to be ended. Don't underestimate the power your words have to transform your own life, as well as to alter human society. Your thoughts are also a part of this equation, for what is a word after all? but a thought set in motion. So guard your thoughts carefully too. They usually transform into words after time.

As you practice becoming more conscious of The Power of the Spoken Word, you will begin to see marvelous changes take place in your life. They may be subtle at first, but they will continue to expand the more you exercise your conscious mind. Try and hold back wounding, hateful expressions. These have a much more poisonous affect on you than on others anyway. When you feel emotionally charged, leave the room until you regain composure. This way you will not launch harmful words, like arrows so easily. Also remember words have a sort of butterfly effect on others. As you compliment and encourage others, these same people in turn feel more inclined to pass on this encouragement to others they encounter. One word spoken kindly, consciously and thoughtfully can indeed change the world.  Remember your words hold immense power...

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