Saturday, March 29, 2014

Direct Your Focus, Direct Your Life

Did you know that the simple act of placing your attention on something makes it expand, grow and become almost larger than life? Also, the more you place your deliberate focus on anything, the more insights come to you. So make it a point to be conscious of where your attention goes, for every moment of your life is unfolding according to the limited focus you keep in perspective. If you don't change your thinking, or your focus, you will always remain exactly where you are and keep heading in the same direction as you are currently headed. In his book Mind Power, John Kehoe had this to say, "The beginning step to a new and more successful life is absurdly easy. You have only to pay attention to the flow of thoughts inside your mind and direct it accordingly." 

Being able to direct your focus deliberately is where it's all at.  You can apply this wisdom to any area of your life too. If you want to be more wealthy or successful, then most of your focus needs to be on just that-becoming wealthy or successful. If you want to be a better mother, father, gardener, entrepreneur or etc. you will need to place much of your focus and attention on these things as well. And as you do this, your ability to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve will blossom, bloom and unfold for you majestically.

Imagine for a moment that you were the captain of a plane. If you were in charge of flying it, you would have to know how to operate and direct the plane right? Well your mind is just the same. It is like a sophisticated instrument that needs a little bit of focus, clarity and understanding of how it works. When you learn to work with its operating capabilities, it will begin to work for you. As you learn to direct your focus, your life will come into view more precisely and divinely. Your focus is creating a powerful direction in your very life right now. It is not a little thing in your life experience either, it is major component, a gigantic part of everything you are experiencing in your world.

Life operates much like a camera lens. It is always giving you a larger portion of exactly what you are focusing on the most. And the more you practice directing your focus more consciously, the more you will see things you want in your life taking shape. It's sort of like being a movie producer in a film production. He or she gets to decide where most of the focus and attention ought to go and to direct the scenes accordingly. Your mind works in a similar fashion.  You too are in charge of what pictures and scenes end up in your own life movie, as well as how dramatic each scene gets to be. And all of this is accomplished by where you are placing your attention. So take charge of this production called "Your Life" and remember you are directing it by directing your focus. 

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