Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trusting the Curves of Life

Life is a very strange, unpredictable and oftentimes unexplainable journey.  It's full of bizarre twists and turns.  It's like driving down an unfamiliar road with no idea what you are going to see or experience up ahead.  And the trip can be perilous and frightening, or it can be thrilling and enlivening.  None of us ever really know what each day will bring.  I'm certain at times we all feel like a plastic bag floating in the sky like Katy Perry said in her song Fireworks.

Being human is a rough job.  Sometimes we have break ups, breakdowns of sorts, or life shattering, life altering experiences or moments.  But I think part of wisdom is trusting where life is leading you and trusting the experiences you are having, or not having for that matter.  Trusting the Curves of Life is trusting the unseen hand, the spiritual element of all life and creation.  This isn't always easy to do, but if we try there is oftentimes wisdom in the unexplainable.  I think life is meant to be a grand mystery.  It's part of the charm of being human and having this human experience.  Life is to be treasured, savored in each and every moment.  None of us are promised a tomorrow. 

Sometimes on our jouneys we come to a point where we may even feel we have reached a dead end, or the end of our destination.  It's usually at places like this where we may even feel like giving up or throwing in the towel. But the beauty in life is that just when you feel you are about to fall apart, somebody or something is there right around the corner to lift you up and keep you going and help you become stronger. The universe is always offering us support, encouragement, wisdom and rich life experience, even in the midst of our suffering. 

Life is always leading you somewhere, even when you are not sure where.  And I've found it's usually leading you into something bigger, or better than your current circumstances. The universe seems to have its own agenda for our lives.  And if we can tap into that, life unfolds beautifully and elegantly like a flower blossoming into full bloom.  The universe wants to bless us bountifully and lead us into a glorious destiny so that our lives can become smooth like a river which flows effortlessly, beautifully carving out the easiest route as it makes its way into the great ocean.

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