Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stop Complaining and Start Living

Here's the thing, in life you can either be a complainer or a winner. If you look for  something to be unhappy about, believe me you can always find something. But it's always your choice. You can complain all you want, or you can Stop Complaining and Start Living. Just understand that life begins outside of the complaining and blaming zone. Complaining isn't a crime, but watch out if you find yourself engaged in it a lot. It can become chronic and habitual. And it never gets you anywhere besides being in the losing circle. 

Never waste your time complaining about something you're not willing to fix, or make better yourself. Bitching, whining, complaining and moaning is for those who don't want to win or succeed in life. In essence, it's the mark of losers, far from the positive, power talk of real champions. Champions and winners don't waste much energy playing the complaining and blaming game. They understand they must take responsibility for themselves and what they want to see happen in their own lives. They fully understand that if they want something, then it is up to them to go after and get it. 

When you complain, you sap yourself of energy necessary to propel you in the direction you are wanting to go. You basically steal your own thunder and put weeds and poison into your life. The wise Henry Ford once made the statement, "Don't find a fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain." One way to improve the quality of your life everyday is to look for more things to bless, rather than to complain about. Complaining sours the sweet taste of success and positivity. Resolve to stop complaining if you wish to live a life of passion and joy. Extract the negativity from your mindset and watch the garden in your mind flourish.

Success is all just a mindset. It will be yours when you triumph over your negativity, as well as when you stop dwelling so much on what you don't want and instead take responsibility for what you wish to create. Circumstances don't define a man. What defines a man are his attitudes, mindsets and beliefs. Complainers wreck themselves from the inside out and end up losing their zeal for life. Whenever you complain, you are literally throwing your optimism out the door. So Stop Complaining and Start Living. Only put your energy into good things, things you wanna see expand and grow. This is a great key to successful living if you will only exercise it!

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