Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Giving Life Your All

In every moment, all we can do is come from the highest, most powerful and resourceful place within and give what we have to offer from this particular space. Giving Life Your All is just that--giving everything you have to give, while putting your whole self into whatever it is you are doing. This includes doing things even when you may be tired, cranky or coming from a less than ideal state of mind. The beautiful thing is though, when you are Giving Life Your All, your best is always good enough... So go ahead and share your beauty with the world. And remember, life isn't about perfection anyway. Perfection is a myth and is highly overrated. So smile, have fun and lighten up a little bit. You can waste your life away trying to make everything perfect, or you can embrace the beauty of its imperfections and laugh ecstatically at yourself, while having a great time doing what you love to do. No one is really keeping score anyway--well no one besides you that is. We are always our toughest critics. So do yourself a favor. Let go and simply do your best everyday, with whatever you've got to work with. And trust that whatever challenges or time constraints you are faced with, the grace of spirit will fill in the gaps for you, completing the masterpiece you are trying to design.

Life is not perfect by no means though.  There are occasionally going to be days, or moments when you are giving all you've got and it still feels second rate, or less than what you know you are truly capable of. This is normal though don't worry, because we are all human beings trying to balance our many earthly and spiritual needs, wants and desires. And it's not always an easy balance. Sometimes all you can do, is all you can do in a given time period, or under certain circumstances. You almost have to anticipate that unexpected challenges, frustrating obstacles and pitfalls will arise on your path, as well as pressures and deadlines to meet. Part of the human journey is learning how to juggle many various things. And sometimes it feels like there are a myriad of people and situations trying to pull attention from you all at the same time. Life can be downright overwhelming and intimidating. But nevertheless, you can still triumph and leave your mark by giving from your storehouse of riches.

Just go ahead and give life all you've got and it will most assuredly return you the favor. Use your God given resources and the world will not see your imperfections, but instead will see your astounding, brilliant, star qualities. Oprah once said, "Walk, doing it with energy and gusto. Take your glory and run with it." This sums up what Giving Life Your All is truly about.


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