Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Housed inside all of us is an immaculate source of knowingness and clarity. The unfathomable divine intelligence that fashioned you and I is a part of us all and helps guide and direct our very lives. The astonishing thing is, all of us have a direct link to this source of infinite wisdom and guidance every moment of our lives. How does anyone know that something is going to happen before it does? Where do intuitions, premonitions or psychic knowings come from? The answer is obvious.  We all have a built in compass, an inner voice, a direct personal link to universal wisdom. Some people just know how to access it a little better than others.  I believe in today's world we as a society are quite out of touch with this natural inborn ability. We have almost forgotten how to access our, "inside information" as I like to call it.  We seem to have too much noise and too many distractions. 

Native Americans totally understood this ancient aspect of wisdom, and they lived in complete harmony with it. They understood the inner connectedness and sacredness of all life. They understood how to listen to and follow their inner voices, dreams and premonitions. Of course it was most likely easier for them, as they didn't have so many distractions like cell phones, ipods, nor did they have fast paced lives, or demanding schedules to keep up with. Their goal was harmony, balance and respect for all of life.  It seems somewhere in our quest for technological advancement and entertainment we have compromised our inner connectedness to spirit.  And we have put aside learning to listen to and trust our inner wisdom. It is not too late however for anyone to resuscitate this inner capacity. Its acuity and operative ability never fully disappears.  It only strengthens with use.  

Your inner guidance is your ally, your friend, not your enemy. If you make time daily to listen, it will unfold to you your path, as well as your place in this world. It will help you with ANY challenge you may be facing. Even when you cannot see what is up ahead, you can learn to rely on and trust your inner voice to speak to you, unfold its truth and offer assistance to you. It is always there speaking to you, if you will but stop to listen to it.  

Sadly and ironically there are many traditional religions that actually discourage people from trusting and following their own inner voices and inner wisdom.  In my book, true religion ought to be instead teaching people to trust and honor the inner wisdom they receive. After all, no one knows better than you what is best for you and what is your individual path to trod. Your relationship with God, spirit, or whatever you call it is between you and this being. You don't have to go through any priest, person, or organization to get to this source. The relationship is instilled, automatic.

Sometimes learning to trust your inner wisdom requires you stepping away from others who may be telling you what to think and what to believe. But however you may you choose to worship is your prerogative.  Trusting Your Inner Wisdom requires courage to step outside of your comfort zone, as well as devotion to learning to quiet yourself in a distracting and oftentimes noisy world. The payoff is that as you make more time to listen to and walk in unison with your inner wisdom, you will be able to achieve a greater sense of inner peace and harmony.  You will also be able to establish a closer bond to spirit and receive life changing guidance and clarity.

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