Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Building Blocks of Success

There are many components to achieving great success.  I think all of us instinctively understand too just how much work, dedication and energy is involved in chasing our passions, living our dreams and in building phenomenal lives for ourselves.  Success is a hard thing to define and sometimes even to achieve and find, but there are five building blocks, or success principles I have singled out here that have truly made the distinct difference for me in my life.  They are principles I live by.  They are: 
1) Utilizing Your Personal Power to Act and Produce Results
2) Taking Total Responsibility for the Life You Desire to Create and Experience
3) Developing Momentum by Taking Positive Steps (moving beyond motivation into action)
4) Extreme Focus and Visualization
5) Follow Through or Intense Commitment (UNTIL you achieve your outcome or goal)
These principles, or Building Blocks of Success can be found in a plethora of self help/success books.  They have been timeless, proven ideas by dozens of self help guru's and successful entrepreneurs all over the world.  I have come to understand that utilizing these success principles is of paramount importance on the journey towards having an amazing life.  Living them can be instrumental in helping anyone live a completely fulfilling existence. If you want to turn your dreams into a reality, these are things you can certainly do more of. 
The bottom line is this, everyone could be living their dreams if they would only put these principles into practice. It is easy to see how these building blocks have impacted, shaped and have even been the backbone to many ultra, successful people's lives.   So starting today how could YOU put these simple, yet powerful five ideas to work in your life?  Imagine what your life would be like a year from now if you were to put these simple ideas into practice in the areas of life that are most important to you.  I challenge you to do it and see what happens...

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