Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Follow Your Inspiration



Inspiration is a normal, healthy and vital part of a successful, joyous life. It can be a magical, euphoric state to be in. It is like a natural high with no side effects. That is why you should always take time to open the channels of creativity in your daily life, to experience inspirations enlivening essence more often. This can be done through art, decorating, designing, journaling, creative writing, or through any endeavors which help you feel connected to inspiration and creativity. We should all make time to cultivate and value our connection to inspiration. Always embrace and cherish it, for wherever inspiration leads you will often be your happy place and ultimately might even be your saving grace. 

Everyone should strive to live an inspired and enchanted life. This can be achieved by following your bliss and passions, as well as taking action toward your goals and things that enthrall or delight you. Whatever gives you a sense of great excitement and brightens your experience of life can surely be inspirational.  Inspiration is magical and can open up marvelous, exciting doors for you.  And once you hop on board the inspiration train, be ready to go for the ride of your life.

When you Follow Your Inspiration something amazing happens. Life takes on an effervescent glow. An inspired life feels almost hypnotizing and mesmerizing. Spirit beckons to you in things that excite your being. And whatever moves your soul in a deep manner can be a transcendental experience if you follow it. This journey of following your inspiration will take you to the heart of hearts, to the seat of your soul.  It will also lead you on a quest which will bring you face to face with your real self, as well as help you awaken your spirit.  It will magnetize your life from the inside out.  Following your bliss and passion will take you to a glorious realm of majesty and alluring beauty.  

We all want to feel inspired, uplifted and flowing with the divine essence of life.  And the thing is we all can!  Being truly inspired is being fully charged in body and soul.  It is fully living.  Inspiration is all around us everywhere, everyday.  It's just a matter of opening your eyes, mind and heart and looking for it.  Then when you find it, you have to stop to pick it up figuratively speaking and allowing yourself to connect with it. When inspiration beckons to you, you've gotta follow it and trust its lead.  It wants to lead you somewhere and that somewhere just might be exactly where you need to be.  Follow Your Inspiration for it knows the way to your highest good and best possible life...

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