Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Creating a Masterpiece of Your Life


When you first realize your life is yours alone to create, it can be a little scary in the beginning to chew and digest this notion. But then as you begin to discover the marvelous beauty this holds for you, you can begin to envision all sorts of awe-inspiring, breathtaking possibilities. In fact, life can even begin to be fun again. Unlimited possibilities create excitement in our minds.

Life is a work of art and your job is to make it as beautiful as possible. A life, like a great painting, or sculpture isn't created in a flash. It took Michelangelo four years to complete his crowning achievement, the Sistine chapel. To make a great piece of artwork, you have to strive for minute precision. Every last detail makes an extraordinary piece of art what it is.

In life everyday is a new beginning, a chance to refine and redesign your life vision, to perfect the work of art you are trying to create. Right now, your life might feel like anything but a work of art, or masterpiece. You may even be sorting through the wreckage of a tragic life ordeal. But somewhere within the chaos, turmoil and confusion, lurks a friendly, becoming life just waiting for you to create its joyous existence onto canvas. Johann Goethe, a phenomenal German writer said, "If you know what you want-if you can state it clearly, the universe will move in your direction." As in any marvelous work of art, clarity is of utmost importance. A vision of the finished work in your mind is absolutely essential. Once you can capture the vision, hold it clearly and keep that picture in your mind, you will someday experience its fruition. Eventually in time, the masterpiece you hold as a thought will become your living experience.

Creating a Masterpiece of Your Life entails making your life vision a reality. A remarkable, thought provoking work of art can take years, or even decades to assimilate and so too can a notorious life. Just realize that you are the sculptor of your own life. And just like Michelangelo saw something noteworthy in a big stone, somewhere buried within you is a "David" waiting to be carved out. Within you there is a work of art so captivating, so riveting it would blow people's minds once you figure out how to unleash it. Now is the time to let your brilliance and eloquence out of the stone. You have the power to create, change and redesign anything in your life. You have the tools to craft an artful, splendiferous life.

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