Friday, December 20, 2013

Dare to Expect the Best

You can't just want a better life.  You have to expect a better life and open yourself up to receive a better life.  Ultimately you have to believe yourself worthy in the first place.  Because here's the thing, life can only give you what you expect it to.  And if you expect the best, oftentimes nothing but the very best shows up for you.  So many people complain about bad luck, tough breaks, unforeseen circumstances, about life not working out and etc.  And this is not conducive and can even be destructive to a successful life.  If people would instead Dare to Expect the Best in all situations the tide could definitely turn for them. 

Whatever you are looking for in life you are bound to find sooner or later.  I average $100,000 in food sales each month for my career, but here's the reason why.  When I walk into a sale, I expect them to say yes, not just once in a while but always.  I expect that I'm going to make the sale and more times than not I usually do.  I walk in with the right attitude and mentality.  And expectations and beliefs are powerful.  Expecting the best in life is just plain, good medicine.  If you want to live a happy, successful life you should believe wonderful things are going to happen to you, as well as expect that amazing things are going to fall into your lap and they oftentimes will. 

If you go into something thinking you might fail, or you might lose, then you are already halfway to failing.  To have a great life, you have to learn to think the highest thoughts, say the highest words and do the highest deeds.  To be successful at anything you have to believe your chance of success is much greater than the possibility of failure.

You can have everything you want in life when you learn to expect the best and look for the very best in life.  The universe is vast and rich beyond compare.  It wants to give you everything you desire, but it starts with you deeming yourself as worthy.  It starts with you expecting successful, positive events and outcomes in your everyday life.  Dare to Expect the Best and I assure you, you will one day reap nothing but the best...  

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