Friday, December 27, 2013

Don't Waste Good Energy on Bad Things

Energy is dynamic and absolutely not a static thing.  It has a mind of its own and goes where it wants to go. It flows between all people, plants, as well as every living and non-living entity. We live and operate in a world of incredible energetic flow.  And the beauty of this is that all of us can harness our energy for positive change if we so choose. In fact, we always have a choice about how to use our energy. We can focus it on unhappy emotions, envy, resentment, things which we find to complain about, or any aspects of our lives not currently working. On the contrary, we can choose to focus it on happy moments, our grandest blessings and things which are looking up, or improving in our world.  The choice of where to place our focus and energy is ALWAYS ours to make.
The thing is though, wherever you put your attention and energy is highly important, because where your attention goes energy flows.  Where you put your energy is like tending plants in your garden. The areas you tend to the most flourish, meanwhile the areas you neglect wither away and die.  Your current life is based on where you have put your concentrated energy in the past. And the future you are creating is based on where your are putting your energy right this very moment. What plants are you wanting to grow in your garden is the question you have to ask yourself daily.  Then you must make certain you are showering your good energy and attention upon those things which you are deliberately trying to grow.
Tending to and nurturing the seeds of creativity, success, love, joy and positivity helps you to grow a sacred, transcendental life.  However, if you waste all your good energy criticizing others, constantly complaining, focusing on the negative side of life, that is a terrible misuse of good energy. Just like you shouldn't waste energy around your house, you shouldn't waste it in your own personal life as well. Why not use your productive positive energy for constructive, transformational change?  Energy is a precious commodity.  Don't Waste Good Energy on Bad Things, but instead channel your good energy into a purposeful focus and you will have a most excellent, colorful, passion filled life. 
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