Friday, December 13, 2013

Live it Up

Life is whatever you make of it bottom line! In every moment you always have a choice either to make the most of your circumstances, or to feel sorry for yourself and give up or give in. You also have a choice to look for the positive, or negative in every situation. There are no victims in life, only those who make themselves out to be. We all have tough situations to face.  We all screw up from time to time.  That is part of life and part of being human.  And sometimes, things can get pretty crazy in any of our lives. But through it all, you can still choose to be positive, and continue to follow your goals, dreams, your passions and bliss. If you choose to focus on all the things spirit blesses you with everyday, you will always find more to be grateful for. And there is much to be grateful for in everyone of our lives.

Why not choose to Live it Up and "suck out all the marrow of life," as Thoreau said? Seize the day, as this day will never come again. Remember that life is a gift and a treasure. Don't you dare let one millisecond go to waste. Just the fact that we are living, breathing and having this human experience is a miracle in and of itself. Have fun, rejoice, act goofy, be outrageous at least every once in a while. Benjamin Disraeli said, "Life is too short to be little." I think life is also too grand to be bland. Life is made out of the stuff that is fine and the stuff that is divine. So Live it Up, take some chances, put yourself out there. Go out on a limb where all the fruit is. If you never try to do what you love, you will never love what you do! Hellen Keller once said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" So why not make your life incredible and make it worth living? You have the power inside you right now, to make your life extraordinary. Don't let it go to waste.  Seize your power for positive, zestful living.   

I challenge you to make your life tasty, juicy, bursting with passion and flavor. Make your life count. Life is meant to be enjoyed, to be full of bliss, joy, happiness and to be overflowing with adventure. Live your life so that each tick of the clock doesn't mock you and that it's not just one more second passing of a life not fully lived. Live your life so that when you walk into the gates of heaven someday, you hear all the angels rejoicing and cheering you on for living such a glorious, fabulous, extraordinary life, for really experiencing all life has to offer, for living it up...

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