Friday, December 6, 2013

Live the Possible Dream

Harness the power you have inside of you to live your best life yet, to Live the Possible Dream. You know we hear so much negative talk in our society about the impossible or unattainable dreams, but there is really no such thing. Our dreams are individualized and sacred, and every dream contains the possibility of achievement, otherwise you wouldn't have it. Whatever the seemingly unattainable or impossible dream is for you, dare to realize it and live it. Nothing that you wholeheartedly believe in is truly impossible or out of reach.

In dreaming we are set free to contemplate the impossible, to dare to escape from our limited mindsets, which often keep us trapped in mediocre lives. In dreaming we are free to traverse other dimensions of majestic proportions and conjure the resources for attracting what it is we so desire. Every dream entertained sets cosmic forces swirling. And every dream planted brings forth some type of fruit, some type of result. The only major prerequisites for attaining the dream is belief and action fueled by a heartfelt desire. Living the possible dream is turning our aspirations into visibility, our thoughts into tangible reality. That is the beauty and power of dreaming. All things become possible...

What is your dream, the music you hear which stirs your soul? Well whatever it is, instead of thinking of all the reasons it can never work and why you will never achieve it, dare instead to think about how you can succeed. Contemplate the glorious possibilities, your God given strengths and unique abilities. Contemplate your worthiness to have the dreams intended for you. As you believe and as you wish, so shall it be unfolded unto you. Dream big, think possibility thoughts and Live the Possible Dream...

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